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Trap & A Dream

Trap & A Dream

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Allergic to average ...
Addicted to success ...
Kasine Graham suffers from ambition and even bigger dreams. Surviving a chaotic childhood, Kasine is set in his ways and after breaking up with Layne he has no time for love or relationships. Hustler by nature the only thing missing is the opportunity to turn his dreams into reality.

After losing his mother, Jermaine Jones vowed to give his son and younger sister the life he wanted but never had. Marrying his high school sweetheart, Apryl living happily ever after was the plan, but when the two begin to grow in different directions his fairy tale may be shattered.

Despite having both of his parents Roderick Lawson’s childhood was anything but conventional. Having a schizophrenic mother and a successful father proved to be oil and water for him and his twin sister, Ronesha. Despite the hardships he faced he’s determined to make something of himself with his girlfriend, Paige, by his side. That is until her job begins to drive a wedge in their relationship.

Three best friends with different dreams but the same hustle and end game- to be successful beyond their wildest dreams. An untimely death leaves a vacancy in the organization and Kasine doesn’t hesitate to jump on it turning their hustle into a reality

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