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Kori and Darian: Love Outta My League

Kori and Darian: Love Outta My League

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Star point guard Darian Thomas is living his dream as one of the NBA’s elite young stars. Defying the odds against him, he’s pulled himself up by his own boot straps bringing his older sister, Ryland, along for the ride. The definition of started from the bottom Darian was determined to change the status quo within his family dynamic but he was quickly learning that his dream made it hard to connect with genuine people.

Kori Childs is a surgical nurse and despite giving so much to others it’s a feeling that hasn’t been reciprocated much in her life. Suffering a bad break up has Kori skeptical of dating and focusing solely on smashing her goals one by one.

After an untimely encounter with Darian Thomas he’s everything she vowed to stay away from but finds herself still intrigued by the essence of him. She tries her best to ignore him but when Darian wants something he’ll stop at nothing to get it - including Kori.

With mo’ money comes mo’ problems and finding a solid woman to stand by Darian’s side is one of them. From the beginning he saw something special in Kori but she’s not interested in anything his lifestyle has to offer. Even still she cant deny his charm and finds herself questioning if Darian is different or is his love out my league?

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