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Fool Me Once Paperback

Fool Me Once Paperback

Does love make you a fool, or do only fools fall in love?

Actress Charli Belle didn’t quite have the answer, but after suffering yet another heartbreak, she decided it was time to leave love alone. Focusing on herself was the goal until pro-boxer Janero Hart crashed into her world literally.


Undefeated in the ring, Janero didn’t have the same luck with love. He’d been abandoned more times than he’d like to admit. For that reason, the only thing he committed to was boxing until his mind and heart became devoted to Charli Belle.


Love doesn’t always enter your life peacefully; sometimes, it’s like a storm ravishing everything in its path. Two people used to pain and disappointment, usually at the hands of those closest to them, seems like a match made in heaven, right?


Nothing in life has been easy for either of them, and as love would have it . . . this won’t be either.

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